JSC "Ecoproject" has an extensive database normativno'metodicheskoy documentation. The company is a subscriber of the company "ICC" Garant International "to receive information and legal services with a monthly update of computer information and the legal system" Garant F1 EXPERT platform. " Set "Garant-MAX. All Russia "has more than 2754120 documents and consists of 168 blocks of information on land issues, mining, environmental, construction, medicine, law and other regulatory information, including the block" Legislation of Russia ", containing over 74,670 documents," Land Use . Subsoil "- more than 17,240 documents" Legislation on the construction "- more than 5990 documents," Normative and technical reference for the construction of the "- more than 6830 documents, including the current construction regulations, EniRy, RDS, SanPiNs, GOST, joint ventures and other necessary documentation.

Special assessment of working conditions. All employees were provided with workplaces that fully comply with the state regulatory requirements of labor protection (results of SOUT).


The company owns the necessary equipment and instruments for the implementation of engineering and surveying, geotechnical, engineering, meteorological and engineering and environmental studies for the construction. The list of instruments and equipment for engineering survey corresponds to a number of items exceeds the requirements of the Russian Federation and Rosstroy Gosgeonadzora Russia.

The instrument base field chemical laboratory includes several sets of equipment such as spectrophotometers «DR-2010» and «DR-2080" (the production of "NASN", USA), portable oximeters Oxi 330 i and pH-conductivity pH / Cond 340 i (production of WTW, Germany) portable pH-conductivity meter HI 98129 and HI 9145 oximeter (production HANNA Instruments, Italy), portable measuring pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, temperature and salinity - MX300 X-matePro (production of METTLER TOLEDO, Switzerland); digital titrator (production of "NASN", USA) dosimeter DKG-02U "ARBITER-M" (the production of the NGO "Dose", Russia).

All devices are field-chemical laboratory registered in the State Register of measuring instruments approved for use in the Russian Federation and the beginning of each field season pass mandatory annual verification of the FGI "Test-St.-Petersburg" and VNIIM. D. Mendeleev. Quality control in the performance of analytical work on the equipment of the company "NASN" is held in accordance with the recommendations of the International Agency for Environmental Protection (UNEP) (Status US EPA).

For analysis and design of accounting documents using their own database of certified software, including operating system, Windows 7, Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, Windows Server 2003, geographic information systems (GIS) MapInfo 8.0, Photomod 3.10, Easy Trace and other software application.

Treatment of materials produced in the modern automated complexes, which include dozens of computers, 12 printers, NR4550, NR4700, NR3005, NR2015 in A4, NR5500, and Minolta QMS 6100 A3, wide plotter HP designjet 1055 cm plus, 4 scanner (including format scanning A3 +), equipment for presentations - Multimedia Projector LP-XG2.