• The main JSC ECOPROJECT activities comprise a complex of environmental studies of enterprises and territories, ecological management, environmental monitoring, and ecological follow-up of technical projects, including:

    Baseline environmental studies and Environmental Impact Assessment of the projecting and existing enterprises, elaboration of the sections in pre-project and project documentation: "Baseline Environmental Study" and "Environmental Impact Assessment"

    Ecological auditing

    Ecological monitoring

    Ecological certification

  • Accomplishment of the engineering and ecological follow-up for the constructions and projects, including those in areas with particularly complicated geological and climatic conditions:

    Engineering and environmental surveying

  • Engineering and geodetic surveying

    Engineering and geological surveying

    Hydrological and meteorological surveying

    Quality control

  • Realization of topographic and geodetic activities:

    Manufacturing of derivative materials of aerial photography

  • Manufacturing of derivative materials of satellite photography

    Interpretation and computerized processing of initial topographic and geodetic materials, as well as of the cartographic and aerial photographic data; creation of cartographic products, including electronic (digital) maps based on Geographic Information System (GIS)

    Compiling, renovation, edition, multiplication in a graphic and numerical form of thematic and special maps, plans and atlases (independently of the stamps of secrecy, conspiracy and confidentiality)

    Compiling, inculcation and conducting of the Geographic Information System (GIS), compiling and renovations of databases in numerical form

    Creation of numeric models of landscapes and components of natural environment

  • Elaboration and inculcation of program facilities:

    Creation of specialized Geographic Information Systems (GIS) on the base of MapInfo, AutoCad, ArcView as well as on the base of original program elaborations

  • Development of databases using database management systems Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle

    Simulation of accidental situations on infrastructure objects with usage of GIS